Please use the Contact Us page to recieve information on sending processing fee.  The Payment Button is being adjusted. It will be ready to process fees on-line in a day or two.    Evelyn 8/12/18

Booth Description 

A vendor booth is a space where the artist sets up like a mini boutique and sells his/her items. Unlimited promotions.

Includes 1 6ft table, 2 chairs, table cover.

An exhibit booth is a booth where the artist/business/organization sets up a display and shares information. Unlimited promotions. Includes 1 6ft table, 2 chairs, table cover.

A consignment is an agreement,with a fee,  for the consignee (Jaida's Hopechest) to sell a limited number of items at a price set by the consignor (The Artist). Items will be placed on a general sales table.  Limited promotions.

Request for Application: 

Event: Winter Craft Fair 2018

This is a REQUEST for the application form. Please complete this entry form and submit, along with at least two pictures; one of your product and one of your booth display.  There is a $10.00 processing fee.  If you are selected you will receive a contract and invoice for the Winter Craft Fair 2018.