Panther  Collar Necklace      $30.00

​Goldtone Metal

New  item

New  item

Panther  Necklace   $36.00

Tiger Eye Print Chain

                    SOLD OUT

Panther Film Strip Wrist Cuff    $15.00

Antique Brass

# of items posted = 13.

Panther  Necklace  $36.00

​Tiger Eye Print Chain

Denim  Wine Bottle Gift Sack

 Cowrie Shell Necklace    $ 60.00

​White - Double Strand

Panther  Wrist Cuff   $20.00

​Antique Brass

Denim  Wine Bottle Gift Sack

New  item

Loomed Ruffle Scarf      $20.00

blue teal - med.,  5ft

Red Retro Saucer Bead Necklace        $100.00

Natural Wood

Crochet Ruffle Scarf    $30.00

multi-color island orange, green, blue - long, 10ft

Back Mala Bead Bone Choker   $25.00

New  item

2  left

New  item

New  item

2  left

Loomed Ruffle Scarf  $20.00

onyx - med, 5ft

SOLD - one of a kind

Loomed Ruffle fllower  $3.00



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Loomed Ruffle Scarf       $25.00

red/black - med,,   6ft .

Welcome to Jaida's Hopechest's Store!!    The page is still under construction and will have major changes in January.   A few items are posted for sale.   Check back for new item postings.

Loomed Ruffle Scarf       $20.00

orange/black  - short,  5 ft.


Loomed  Ruffle Scarf    $20.00

​Orange - short - 5 ft (shown wrapped twice)

2 left

 Back Mala Beads  Panther Choker      $35.00

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