Project Kidde Ride Park

A Popup Recyclable Activity Park 

  • Jaida's Hopechest has a passion for the environment and Loves Children.

  •  Jaida's Hopechest  believes in the link between learning and play.

  • Jaida's Hopechest believes engagement in art activities opens the door to different learning horizons.

The Kidde Ride Project Objectives:

  • Create a small community gathering just for fun.
  • Create a miniature activity arena for motorized and physically powered vehicles.
  • Use recyclable materials from everyday use.
  • Provide a springboard for future projects using information obtained from surveys and comment cards.
  • Provide some FUN for Children.

Plans are underway to accommodate for inclement weather. 

Time and date for this FUN event are TBA.


Check back here for updates.