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To create gatherings that promote liasons between the  artistic and the consumer communities. 

Jaida: The Name

We wanted to meet up with each other and discuss our holiday plans.  We both wanted to check a few gifts off our lists. Jaida's Hopechest understood that. We were able to share a special shopping time and enjoy a cup of coffee with each other. We planned our holidays and smiled the whole time. What a treat.

-- Barriette Levetel, Oldest Sister and Matriarch


I wanted practical gifts for my staff. I needed time for myself. I look forward to a Jaida's Hopechest Craft Show. There's nothing like enjoying a cup of tea and listening to soothing music while your gifts are being wrapped.

-- Pheobe Angelina, Consultant


For more than 20 years, the owner of Jaida's Hopechest has been involved in crafts, collectibles, and ceramics. The focus has shifted, over the years, to delivering quality Craft Shows and Events. My promise is to provide unique designs from Artists, Designers, and Crafters.  Products from chosen Upcyclists are both visually dynamic and environmentally friendly. 

The name JAIDA has two origins. One being an acronym I created and shared with my siblings - "Jeffersons Aspire to Inspire and Develop Another". 

A favorite song in which the lyrics describes  the excitement of a group of young ladies preparing to greet someone dear to them.  The name was Jada. The song is inspirational.  I set a goal: My projects will have that effect on others. 

The  Hopechest