Application for booth space

Event: Winter Craft and Gift Show, 2014    Place: The Kenilworth Inn Hotel  60 South 31st, Kenilworth, NJ 07033

You have the option of waiting for an invoice to pay orsending a payment with this application.  You will receive an invoice for your payment to be made or a confirmation of payment made if payment is made with this application. Payments can be made thru paypal with paypal debit, bank debit, credit, or by mailing a check or money order.  All payments will be followed up with a confirmation.



Winter Craft and Gift Fair  2017       908-583-5878

Please read this Important Information   

1. Booth setup is between 8:30 and 10:00. 

2.. Doors open to the public at 10:30.
3.  Exhibitors arriving late may be refused entrance to future shows.  
4. This event will be held rain or shine.
5. Exhibitors/Vendors are responsible for obtaining a NJ sales tax number, collecting sales tax, and remitting monies to the state. Jaida's Hopechest staff does not hold the responsibility to check . Visit and click on “getting registered.
6. Vendors must stay with their booth(s).  There will be staff available to stand in for vendors to take personal care and lunch breaks.
7.  Appropriate, decent dress is a must.
8.  A picture of your craft and a picture of your table setup must be included with your application. You may email pictures to  Include the name of your business with your pictures.
** If you used the online application request form, you have already done this.
9.  Pictures of table setups are requested in order to ensure a boutique/gallery effect throughout the Fair area. If your setup needs a few “tweeks” we can help.

10.  This is a specialized event. The number of booth spaces are limited.
11.  A separate gift wrapping service is available at a small expense to the customers.
12.  Complimentary coffee/tea and water will be available throughout the day.

13.  Booths should create a boutique or gallery effect.  All display racks must be covered or decorated with complimentary designs.
14.  Tables must be covered on all sides to the floor with professional material. Plain white covers are provided
15.  A floor covering is not required.
16.  All exhibitors/vendors are responsible for keeping their area clear during show hours, including clean up at the end of the show.
17.  All inventory and display materials must be contained within the space you have requested. Crates and boxes and bags must be out of public view. Your inventory may not expand into the aisles for safety reasons. Please set up your booth accordingly.
18.  All signage should be professional looking.
19.  Your booth and work should be consistent with the images sent with your application.  Jaida’s Hopechest reserves the right to ask you to leave if there is a significant variation.





This section of the contract is reserved for applicants who wish to mail in their forms.
You must print out a copy of this form and fill out or circle your responses.

​*Sending cash in mail is not recommended. Make checks or money orders out to Jaida’s Hopechest and mail to: 1407 Roselle St., Ste. 1L, Linden, NJ 07306 PLEASE PRINT OR SAVE YOUR COPY OF THIS CONTRACT.  I have read and agree to the terms of this contract.
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